Welcome to my creative part of the world

While some artists love to use paint, pastels and pencils to create, I use steel. My art is designed to give your home, office or workspace a statement piece that people stop and take notice. 

Whether it’s a small playful fantail, or a larger personalised monogram piece, you get to create your own style from my art - and I’m so thankful I get to help you do that.

What started as a side gig to help me navigate the depths of some pretty brutal postnatal depression, has grown into a thriving and busy business that ships all over the world. I’ve got to admit that still feels weird to me - I’m still a mum of two young children, living in Rotorua, New Zealand and I still have to work hard at managing my depression. I’ve made a point of openly talking about it, as I believe it’s so important to normalise that depression isn’t because life is bad or terrible - it’s just sometimes there. 

Along with the pieces here on this website, I’m also able to create custom signage for your workplace, or home. Contact me HERE to talk through options. 

My pieces are built to last. And it’s a nice thought that something I designed out on paper is then turned into a design that is gifted, hung in pride of place, or acts as a signpost to people passing by.

I love seeing my work in it’s new home, so please do send me images of it all settled in once it gets to you.


PS: I’ve listed some contact places if you are in need of some support for your mental health. I know the battle is hard.

0800 543 354
Suicide Crisis Helpline
0508 TAUTOKO (0508 828 865)
Free Text
HELP (4357)
0800 KIDSLINE (0800 543 754)