Deposits Paid / Returns / Exchanges / Faulty / Damaged Items

Due to the nature of our product, we do not generally offer returns or exchanges. We are also unable to refund any of the 40% of the initial deposit paid before commencing your custom design if you change your mind. We will do our best to ensure what you are getting matches the design brief as close as possible. If you do decide that your custom piece is no longer required we are more than happy to switch the full deposit amount over to a store credit.

At our discretion we can offer an exchange however 40% of the original price will be retained for each return or exchange. At our discretion we may waive this fee, however you must contact us as soon as possible for a full return / exchange to be considered.

Any standard art that is returned due to change of mind is also subject to a restocking fee of 15%.

Powdercoated Panels & Terms of Trade: We use verified Dulux powdercoat. We will sandblast panels pre installation if you have chosen this option. Should your panels rust, and it has powdercoat applied we will contact the powdercoater on your behalf and arrange a recoat. Freight to and from the powdercoating centre (Either Rotorua or Tauranga) Will be at a mutually beneficial rate between the powdercoater and the customer. 

Products supplied may exhibit changes in shade, colour, texture, surface and finish and may fade or change colour over time. Plazmart NZ will make every effort to match batches of product supplied in order to minimise any variations but shall not be liable should any occur. 

Powdercoat may fade or change colour over time, may expand, contract or distort as a result to heat, cold, weather and be damaged or disfigured by impact, scratching or any penetrations. 

Powdercoated Art: Please note if you chip / drill your art that has powdercoat pre applied this will 'break' the seal so will create an area for rust: A small touch up of clear nail polish should fix this.

If an item is shipped well within the designated lead times and arrives broken, we will replace these no questions asked or provide a store credit. If an item arrives broken outside of the lead times the customer may choose for either a refund or a replacement. 

We will always meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.