Plazmart NZ is a small business that started in Rotorua. Together with you, we can create bespoke artwork, braziers, garden objects such as water features and screens (which can also be used indoors and used as outside decorative cladding for buildings). We also do custom fitouts and can use corten steel as a medium to bring your home, office, garden or premises to life. Contact me today for a no obligation quote for your next big (or little) project.

Let the art describe the beauty of your world!!

What is ART?

Art includes all kind of creative expressions that add beauty to your surroundings –at home, office, gardens. It is combination of qualities that delight the senses. A beautiful object fills the heart with joy and delight. The soul gets stirred by the external beauty of the objects. Surroundings without art and beauty are just like life without colors –black and white. In modern era, home and garden steel art add life to your castle. Such pieces of art leave an impression on the mind of man. Recollection of this impression becomes a constant source of joy.

Imagine if you are made to work all day long in a dull and noisy environment without any external view of beauty? Your brain may get tired and less productive. Due to sounds and distractions you may not be able to concentrate on your work. Here the aluminium privacy screens come as life savers for your work providing you soothing peaceful environment for work.

There are different forms of art. The creation of sculptures, architecture & music are appreciated by all from the Stone Age. Today, metal art has given a dimension to the modern artwork. Metal tree wall art is most prevalent these days. It catches one’s heart and complete treat to eyes whether at home or at office. A person may see a beautiful thing for a short duration but its effect lasts for a long times. Artistic creations are man’s attempts to depict the joy created by beauty. Many of you may wonder what metal art work looks like, and where can one get metal art work? You can go simply go to our products page, and place an order.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” So let’s make our surroundings beautiful by art.