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Seafoliage Screens & Panels

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The Seafoliage decorative panel can be used for your exterior and interior designs. It can be featured in designs such as room divider indoor panel, gate or fence panel, privacy panel, garden screens, amongst others. These steel panels are completely recyclable and are proudly made in New Zealand. It comes in different sizes and material choices.

This screen can come in a variety of sizing, starting at 1200mm x 600mm with the option of pre-cut holes which makes it quite easy to install

It’s also available in 1800mm x 900mm or a larger option of 2300mm x 1200mm for those with a larger area to cover. These sizes are an excellent choice for fences, as they can be used both vertically and horizontally.

The Seafoliage decorative panel can have pre-folded edges if required. The folded edges are each side with a fold of usually 30mm wide, which gives it stability as well as ease of mounting with pre-cut mounting holes.

The nature of the design of the Seafoliage decorative panel makes it a flat panel for diverse uses. It is approximately 3mm thick so it doesn’t occupy space yet performs its intended use.

The choice of corten steel material adds a rustic feel to the Seafoliage decorative panel. Corten steel is incredibly durable and extremely strong for outdoor conditions. The corten steel is usually raw-looking steel which whether by itself over a period of months to have a rusty look by itself in outdoor condition.

Screen panel with powder-coated electro-galvanized steel gives it a look suitable for the high-end application. It is a perfect modern option, especially where corten may not work.